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CSAVR Fall Conference 2021 Materials:

YesLMS/CSAVR Fall 2021 informational video below:

Veterans Day 2020 Slideshow in mp4 Format -

For PowerPoint presentation, Download Here

Fall 2020 Virtual Conference Supplemental Materials:

Fall 2020 CSAVR Conference integrated live and recorded sessions led by highly respected leaders in our field and some amazing special guests. 

Fall Conference Resource Page

CSAVR Fall Conference 2019 Materials:

Concurrent Sessions:

Health Care System Collaboration & Innovation

Directors Forum Oct. 27th 

Workforce Development 14C Transition Program - Source American

Leadership Presentations Oct. 26-27th 

Knowing & Managing Your Finances - A Cautionary Tale

Effective Internal Controls

Working with Your Umbrella Agency/Preparing for 107 Monitoring

How to on Business Engagement & Outreach

CART Transcripts:

1st General Session

2nd General Session

3rd General Session

4th General Session

5th General Session

6th General Session

The Power of You 

Investing In America: 2019 

Now Available!

Please click here to download

CSAVR Spring Conference 2019 Materials

Monday 4/8 Materials:

Ohio : VR Staff Embedded in Business Presentation - PowerPoint

Next Gen Presentation from Research Committee

Monday CART Transcript

Wednesday CART Transcript


Wednesday 4/10 Materials:

Trends in the VR Program Post WIOA - PowerPoint

CSAVR Fall Conference 2018 Materials

Monday 10/29 Materials:

Report on the Government Accountability Office (GAO)

Study of VR’s Work With Business - PowerPoint 

Report on the GAO Study of VR’s Implementation of Pre-Employment Transition Services Under Title IV of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) - Power Point



Tuesday 10/30 Materials:

Artificial Intelligence - The Future of Accessibility in the Classroom, Workplace & Community  LIVOX

California Competitive Integrated Employment Blueprint for Change

Pathway to Employment

Early Findings from the Wisconsin PROMISE Project:  Implications for VR Policy & Practice

Peer Mentoring Works    Video

From Transition Services to Student Services:  The impact of CaPROMISE

Workforce Consortium:  A Cooperative Model that Benefits All     Attachment

Aligning VR and Inclusive Higher Education for a Talent-Driven Workforce

Project E3:  Strategies to Increase Employment for Individuals from Underserved Communities

VR & State Education Agency Collaboration in the Implementation of Pre-ETS

Expedited Enrollment

VR's Strategic Role in Building an Inclusive Workforce Development System



Wednesday 10/31 Materials:

RSA - Fiscal Conference Follow Up - The Rest of the Story

RSA - the Year in Review and a Look Ahead - 911 Data    


New Directors Training Sat-Sun, Oct. 27-28, 2018


Fiscal Conference 2018 Materials




Spring 2018 Materials 


Fall 2017 Presentation & Committee Materials




Spring 2017 Presentations



Council of State Governments Work Matters Report:



Fall 2016 Presentations



Fall 2015 Presentations



Spring 2015 Presentations


Starbucks_Peaberry Premium_CSAVR


Fall 2014 Presentations



Spring 2014 Presentations



ReThink VR performance - Update & Next Steps

RSA vid
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