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Video 1: Ellen, Sara and Kwik Trip Retail Helper Program

Video 1
Video 2

Video 2:  Sumera, Matthew, Kaleigh and  Mozzeria

Sumara Garner, an olive toned, brunette female, stands outside among flowering bushes of purple and pink to discuss her experience with blindness and being a rehab specialist
screen shot of NBC news clip chyron reads: Boys Changing the World: Strinking a Chord, 16 year old blind prodigy sharing his gift. CC text reads: connected with the community on the organ at his local church. Visual: Matthew is a young black male wearing sunglasses sitting to play an organ at church with choir seen in front of him
Keleigh, a young white blonde female speaks at an award ceremony with cc text reading: my disability in no way prevents me from making the craft I love
Mozzeria image of wood fired pizza in an oven CC text reads: Deaf-led neapolitan woodfire pizzeria
Video 3

Video 3:  Larry, Cody and the VR Connection to training and career goals

Larry is a black male sitting for an interview, he says as the cc captures: They gave me a shot. And that's all I asked for was somebody to give me a shot"
Shannon is a white female with glasses and short brown hair speaking in front of a green and purple colored backdrop saying cc text shown: but they were willing to work with us and see what the possibilities were
two ARC labs teachers, one white male with a hat and another white mail with a large grey beard and mustache interviewing for Larry's story with uniforms on in front of acrlabs welding school sign say: next thing you know we had our students that were at the school at that time start building his new booth
Diana Salazar M.ED CRC Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Idaho DVR (a brown skinned young woman with curly hair speaks for interview) : Cody came into the program about four years ago
Cody is a white male with red hair wearing a light blue uniform sweatshirt and caption reads: I didn't know what to do or where to turn, next to the CC text reads Cody Hukill Journeyman Electrican 45th Parallel Electric and HVAC
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