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Video 1: Ellen, Sara and Kwik Trip Retail Helper Program


Video 2:  Sumera, Matthew, Kaleigh and  Mozzeria

Video 2
Sumara Garner, an olive toned, brunette female, stands outside among flowering bushes of purple and pink to discuss her experience with blindness and being a rehab specialist
screen shot of NBC news clip chyron reads: Boys Changing the World: Strinking a Chord, 16 year old blind prodigy sharing his gift. CC text reads: connected with the community on the organ at his local church. Visual: Matthew is a young black male wearing sunglasses sitting to play an organ at church with choir seen in front of him
Keleigh, a young white blonde female speaks at an award ceremony with cc text reading: my disability in no way prevents me from making the craft I love
Mozzeria image of wood fired pizza in an oven CC text reads: Deaf-led neapolitan woodfire pizzeria
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