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CSAVR Spring 2023 Virtual Conference

Charting Our Course:  Maximizing VR Resources -

Increasing Customer Outcomes 

Conference Details Below                      


We have TWO series of Virtual Pre-Conference Session.  Please note the target audience below to determine if one or both series are what you would like to attend.   


All Spring 2023 in-person conference registrants will automatically be enrolled in each of the six (6) Series 1 & Series 2 virtual sessions.   

All Spring 2023 Virtual Pre-Conference sessions will be delivered live via Zoom on the designated dates and times.  CSAVR is partnering with YesLMS to deliver a high-quality virtual learning experience and manage CRC Credits. 

Series 1 sessions are designed specifically for field VR staff with responsibilities for delivery and immediate supervision of services in the topical areas below. 


Series 1: Register at $20 per session or $45 for all Series 1 sessions. 

Field Session #1                    

Monday, March 20                              

1:30-3:00 pm EST

Listening to our Customers:  Setting the standard for customer service. 


Field Session #2                    

Thursday, March 23                            

1:30-3:00 pm EST

Embracing the Possibilities:  Creating a culture for customer-centric spending for field staff. 


Field Session #3                    

Monday, March 27                              

1:30-3:00 pm EST

Why Measures Matter:  Rethinking how data informs customer service. 


Series 2 sessions are designed as precursor sessions for those attending the Spring 2023 conference in-person.


Series 2: Register at $20 per session or $45 for all Series 2 sessions.

Precursor Session #4                       

Monday, April 3                                 

1:30-3:00 pm EST

Establishment Projects - Construction Expenditures

Presenters- Carol Pankow and Allison Flanagan- VRTAC-QM Fiscal Team

Have you ever heard the term "establishment authority" or wondered how you can charge expenditures for construction, building maintenance, repairs, etc.? Listen in to fully understand the facts for each regulatory authority to navigate this process successfully. 

Precursor Session #5                    

Wednesday, April 5                           

1:30-3:00 pm EST

Third Party Cooperative Arrangements (TPCAs) - Make The Work for You

Presenters- Carol Pankow and Allison Flanagan VRTAC-QM Fiscal Team

You'll be able to learn about this unique opportunity to leverage public resources to improve or expand VR services for applicants and recipients of services from the Designated State Agency (DSU) that provides States matching funds that otherwise may not have been available to the VR program. 

Precursor Session #6                      

Thursday, April 6                              

1:30-3:00 pm EST


Presenters- Sarah Clardy and Chris Merritt VRTAC-QM

In this session, we will dive into the RSA-17 elements to understand the structure of the report, the fiscal data elements, and how to assemble the data within. Additionally, internal controls are vital to the reporting process. We will discuss internal control considerations when establishing or evaluating the RSA-17 process, as well as provide examples of controls to demonstrate their importance.


 *All Spring 2023 Virtual Pre-Conference Sessions will be delivered live via Zoom on the designated dates and times.  CSAVR is partnering with YesLMS to deliver a high-quality virtual learning experience and manage CRC credits. All session swill be recorded and available for those registered on the CSAVR YesLMS site prior to Monday, April 17, 2023.  

VIRTUAL REGISTRATION is now open.  VIRTUAL Registration closes on March 13, 2023.  

The evaluation including CRC will be available at the end of each session under the course for the associated day.


The deadline to request accommodations is March 13, 2023.  Accommodations must be requested when registering.  

Accommodations cannot be guaranteed after the cut-off date.


(When registering, it is important to register for only those sessions you will be participating in)

SOCIAL MEDIA:  By registering for the conference, I understand that my photo or likeness may be used on social media activities.  If you have questions regarding social media please contact

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