Section V. High Priority Topic Areas for Rehabilitation Research


CSAVR periodically surveys its members to identify areas of research that VR State Programs might benefit from if additional research were conducted. The information below is from a survey of VR State Agencies conducted in May 2012.


Q1. What are the top three issues your agency faces in the next four years for which you think additional research might help you better serve consumers and employers?


(The following is a list of issues identified by states and are not prioritized)



Managing staffing resources to accommodate the growing number of transition

aged youth.

Predictors of vocational success for transition aged youth.

Effective VR intervention models related to Transition with an emphasis on early intervention.


Human Resources

Employee retention & succession planning (trends & solutions), strategies that work.

Not enough skilled staff among providers (need to teach behavioral management to clients).


Client Services

Using social media to communicate with clients. What are the privacy and

confidentiality issues?

Changes in the workplace i.e. skills needed, tech jobs, etc.

Evidence-based employment strategies for SEP cases.

VR models for persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Emerging communication technology for the Deaf population.


Return on Investment

Longitudinal studies on return on investment, value of services over time .

Clear cost benefit data.

Success rates for emerging populations (ie Vets, Autism & TBI).



Productivity of employees with disabilities.