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Section II. Obtaining Approval to Survey CSAVR Membership


State VR Programs receive many requests to participate in a variety of surveys each year. The approval process has been established to enhance the likelihood of state VR program participation in your survey through the endorsement of CSAVR.  Requests for letters of support or CSAVR participation in research beyond a survey should follow the requirements of Section I Obtaining Approval for Research Support.

Researchers proposing to survey CSAVR members, including state VR Agencies, must complete the Survey Approval Form and submit the form to the Rehabilitation Research Committee for review and approval. The Committee will review the information provided and notify individuals of approval or denial within 10 working days after the request is received.

Surveys receiving the endorsement of CSAVR will be listed under the CSAVR Approved Research and Endorsed Surveys section of this website. We strongly recommend that you look at the section prior to submitting a request to ensure that your survey is not duplicative of research that has already been or is being conducted.

All survey results are expected to be shared with VR agencies as a condition of approval by CSAVR.

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