Section I: Obtaining Approval for Research Support


For any research grant proposal that CSAVR is asked to endorse and/or participate in beyond a survey of members, a summary/abstract of the grant proposal must be submitted to CSAVR no later than two weeks prior to submission of the grant in order to allow adequate time for CSAVR to respond.

Individuals seeking the support of CSAVR should submit a written inquiry including;

1. Project overview (an abstract if available);

2. Primary research questions/hypotheses to be addressed by the research; and

3.  Benefits the research will have for CSAVR members.


Recognizing that research proposals may be at various stages of development when seeking CSAVR support, the following information, if known, is requested to assist in our decision:

4. Study participants and sample size (i.e., counselors, consumers, etc.);

5. Proposed methods of research

a. Estimated time requirements for VR staff

b. Roles and responsibilities of CSAVR

c. Proposed compensation to study participants and/or CSAVR;

6. Anticipated outcomes, including any products to be produced; and,

7. Strategies for dissemination of research and knowledge transfer to practice.

Submit the written inquiry and information on your research to:
John Connelly at

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the request for support:

• Overall purpose or goal(s) of grant;

• Consistency of the grant with CSAVR’s mission;

• Length of grant and total dollar amount;

• Grant participants and their projected ability to deliver products;

• Tasks, if any, to be performed by CSAVR and/or state VR programs, estimated person-hours per year to perform, and availability of needed resources;

• Annual revenue, if any, CSAVR will receive per life of grant; and,

• Product(s) to be produced by the research grant and their benefit to the public VR Program and our customers.

The CSAVR Research Committee will do a review of the grant proposal request for support and make a recommendation. Researchers will be notified as soon as possible once a decision has been made.