Check out David Kelley's Story - Plant Manager from BBI International, Inc in Madison, NE

Three employees benefit from the Nebraska VR Career Pathways Advancement Project (CPAP) grant using the upskill/backfill model.

David Kelley is the Plant Manager at Todd’s BBI International, Inc., a food and pet product manufacturer in the rural Nebraska town of Madison, population 2,364. After serving three years in prison and being diagnosed with drug/alcohol addiction and ADHD, David sought Nebraska VR services to attain the skills and equipment necessary to work in the food manufacturing industry. He was successfully employed and his case closed in 2011.

When Nebraska VR CPAP Recruiter Zach Arter contacted him in January 2017 about the grant opportunity, he was working as a Quality Control Technician at Todd’s BBI International, Inc. With the grant resources he was able to upskill through a preventive controls certification known as Preventive Controls Qualified Individual or PCQI. This helped him be promoted to Quality Control Manager. His next step was to further upskill by enrolling in a food management course allowing him to advance again to Plant Manager. With the help of the grant and David’s hard work, his wages increased by 35%.

Another employee and Nebraska VR client was back filled into his initial position. Meanwhile, his replacement has also accessed the CPAP opportunity to upskill into the Quality Control Manager. Her initial position was backfilled with yet another Nebraska VR client. Both clients were able to increase their income by an average of 17%.

According to David the grant has done wonders for himself and other employees so they can advance in their positions and access opportunity. “Now and going forward when looking for employees, Nebraska VR is where I will look first,” said David.

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